My Brother’s Tribute to His Service

When my brother first joined the military, he was clean cut and innocent. He went on three tours though, and that is enough to take the innocence out of anyone. He saw things that he will not share with anyone, and he has a new family in addition to ours because of the brothers that served with him. Though only in his 40s, he has been retired from the military for a couple of years now. That is something that will never leave him though, and it is also the reason why he wanted to get a sleeve tattoo.

He is a helicopter pilot, and he flew countless missions when overseas. Read more

Apartment Living is Better Than House Living

When I tell people I live in an apartment, I think that most of them are probably surprised but try to hide it. It just seems to many that someone as successful as I am should have a luxury home somewhere, but that style of living is just not for me. I am not talking the luxury part, because I definitely like a spoiled lifestyle, but I am not the homeowner type of person. That is why I was happy when I first looked at the luxury apartments in Stone Oak about a year ago.

I was not sure I would be able to find something I was happy with since most apartment complexes tend to be very basic. however, as soon as I saw Regency at Lookout Canyon, I knew I had found my home. These apartments are every bit as nice as a house without all the hard work that comes with owning or even renting one. When I get home from work, I do not have to worry about mowing the grass, tending to repairs or anything like that. Read more

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