Apartment Living is Better Than House Living

When I tell people I live in an apartment, I think that most of them are probably surprised but try to hide it. It just seems to many that someone as successful as I am should have a luxury home somewhere, but that style of living is just not for me. I am not talking the luxury part, because I definitely like a spoiled lifestyle, but I am not the homeowner type of person. That is why I was happy when I first looked at the luxury apartments in Stone Oak about a year ago.

I was not sure I would be able to find something I was happy with since most apartment complexes tend to be very basic. however, as soon as I saw Regency at Lookout Canyon, I knew I had found my home. These apartments are every bit as nice as a house without all the hard work that comes with owning or even renting one. When I get home from work, I do not have to worry about mowing the grass, tending to repairs or anything like that. There are maintenance personnel here who do all of that, so I can just focus on relaxing, which I have earned after putting in a long day of work.

There is a resort style pool that I can go swimming in. It might seem like it is crowded since everyone can use it, but the hours that I tend to use it are not bad at all. The same can be said for the fitness center. This is not a bare basics gym. There are dozens of pieces of equipment, and I have never had any trouble using any that I want. I have waited in longer lines at the gym! Anyway, I am very comfortable here, and I hope to call it home for a very long time.

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