Teacher Shares Stories About Teaching HeartMath Self-Regulation to Young Students

Kim Bent, teacher and founder of Catch the Science Bug teaches HeartMath self-regulation tools to a 100 young, inner city children in an after school setting. Kim shares several stories, a second grader boy uses Heart-Focused Breathing® Technique Discover A Lot More

Middle School Teacher Increases Test Scores and Teaching Time with Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is not just for young children. Watch the journey of a Middle School Science Teacher as she realizes the importance of teaching the social skills that go hand-in-hand with academic achievement. With Conscious Discipline powers, Discover A Lot More

Hot photos get teaching assistant banned; Hot teacher Meredith Powell – Compilation

1. Kaitlin Pearson, a cherubic, girl-next-door 23-year-old is a teacher's assistant is definitely too hot for school. School authorities have begun an investigation, placing her on paid leave to "ensure student safety." 2. Meredith Powell, a high Discover A Lot More