Tips to hire an SEO company (DGS3 Recap)

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Tips to hire an SEO company

Don’t necessarily hire the company that ranks #1 for the SEO search. – Eric Wu
Choosing an SEO agency that is right for you can be a complicated process. One excellent way to evaluate a vendor prospect is to seek out user generated reviews and content. Searchers are increasingly giving credence to this type of data for a wide range of purchases from pizzas to SEO agencies. – Matt Young

Two good ways to find a good SEO agency are by word of mouth and scanning one of the many reputable SEO conference speaker lists. These conferences typically vet their speakers carefully and by mining their lists, you will likely come across numerous excellent agencies. – Eric Wu

In evaluating the amount of your current traffic resulting from organic searches, you must remove all search queries that refer to your brand. You will receive traffic from these searches regardless of your SEO activities and, depending on your brand name, can skew your organic traffic statistics significantly. – Eric Wu

Look to hire an SEO firm that has an access to a top notch content creation team. – Jonathan Renteria
When looking to hire an SEO firm, ask for references from businesses that are like yours. – Brian Mac Mahon

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